Table of Content



  • To build a real-life chat bot in Slack

What you should know

  • Install Node.js
  • Create a basic application with express
  • Asynchronous callback

Working with the exercises

1. Get Started with Microservices in Slack

What we are going to build

  • Not website or blog. Rather, a microservice-based Slack bot
  • Consume API or connect to connect to different part of stack
  • Connects to
    • Slack

Why use microservices?

  • The History of Service-Oriented Architecture
    • 1990 and earlier: Pre-SOA (monolithic)
    • 2000s: Traditional SOA
    • 2010s: Microservices

Explore the Slack APIs: Real Time Messaging and WebSockets

  • Realtime Websocket API:

Sketch out the Slack bot architecture

2. Create Our Slack Bot

Set up our project

Choose modules versus “from scratch”

Create our Iris bot user

Connect to Slack

Bring Iris to life

Set up natural language processing

Use natural language processing

3. Add Services

Route by intents

Sketch out a time microservice

Implement geocoding

Implement time calculation

Wire up the time microservice

4. Add Resilience

Make microservice architectures resilient

Add service registry route

Add registry subscription to time service

Add service registry class

Use service registry in intent handlers

Add a weather service

Monitor your service architecture


Next steps